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  • "i’m my own stone around my neck"

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  • whatever happened to this adorable girl? #throwback #tbt #vscocam

  • ivy & brick is one of my favorite combinations #cincinnati #vscocam

  • coffee tour of cincinnati: Carabello #vscocam #queencitycoffee #coldbrew (at Carabello Coffee)

  • this is what i accomplished with my time today. oh yeah, i was in a certification class as well #vscocam

  • listening to this while reflecting this evening.

    "& at once, i knew, i was not magnificent"

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  • someone much wiser than me once said this: “love is the willingness to lose.”

    i fight with my Mum more than i fight with anyone else.  i believe we fight the people we should be the closest with; i believe we fight our family members more than anyone.  this statement couldn’t be more true for the Church.

    the Church is a body that is called to be together, united by one Spirit, the very same Spirit that raised Christ from the dead.  we are a family of brothers & sisters, but we fight like cats & dogs.

    not too long ago, i posted an article on my Facebook about some statements that some fellow brothers & sisters made about the way they interpreted the Bible.  what happened on my post was a lovely conversation between brothers & sisters in Christ, sharing opinions & trying to have an open & honest conversation.  this was not the case everywhere.

    now, i watch my fellow brothers & sisters go back & forth bickering over this issue.  people calling people heretics, people having their feelings hurt, people misinterpreting the written messages of others, & a complete storm of misunderstanding & a lack of cooperation on nearly every side.

    (not too mention, there is an completely separate issue in which leaders in the Church have made horrible statements & although they are, rightly, being taken out of leadership because their statements, the Church is reacting with condemnation rather than fighting for reconciliation)

    all of this happening while there are brothers & sisters being martyred daily & the conflict is only rising. i am devastated that our priorities are in all of the wrong places.

    i’m tired of the arguments.  i’m tired of the missed priorities.  discussion is beautiful, don’t get me wrong.  discussion can stretch us & allow iron to sharpen iron.  i love when my friends come over & we discussion theology together; it’s one of my favorite things.  but what does the world see when they look at us bickering over issues & calling each other damned?

    Jesus said this:

    "a new commandment I give to you, that you love one another: just as I have loved you, you also are to love one another. by this all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.” (John 13:34-35 ESV)

    where is our sacrifice as Christ sacrificed Himself for us? are we sacrificing ourselves to make disciples of Christ to continue to bring His Kingdom to earth? where is our love? where is our sacrifice? because that’s what love truly is; love is sacrifice. 

    those who do not yet know the love of their Father will see it through the sacrificial love that we live out in our own lives as a reflection of the love that Christ poured out upon the cross.  to me, that matters so much more than a conversation of theology (especially when it isn’t even an issue of salvation).

    i pray that we stop bickering. i pray we fight to be untied by Christ & that we live in such a way that reflects the love that He poured out for us. let the discussion happen, in love (or likely it’s best in private, away from social media), seeking to build one another up & to sacrifice our own needs to be “right”.

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  • nothing says “peace” like a sunday afternoon latte #vscocam #queencitycoffee #cheapside (at Cheapside Cafe)

  • some seasons in life can be plagued by fog. yet, the journey continues, even through the densest fog. i cling to the hope that this is not permanent; this will pass. going through the fog is part of the adventure & i’m beginning to learn to appreciate that & rejoice in it. there is beauty in not knowing what’s ahead; there is beauty is the fog #vscocam

  • hermionejg:


    Dietary Restrictions


    this is brilliant

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  • on a day where few things have gone as planned, i’m drinking the best chai i’ve ever tasted & i’m reassured that everything is going to be okay #vscocam #thethirstyscholar

  • my brother is the coolest & is always making new friends #passenger #rockstarMattHall #onlyslightlyjealous

  • this man has a gift for playing beautiful music.

  • Adong Margret made this gorgeous bag in Gulu, Uganda. She has three beautiful girls that she loves & supports through working with an organization called Mend. Apoyo, Margret. #mend #vscocam #handmadeinuganda

  • my mindset is my worst enemy at times. these are phrases that i’ve said to myself far too frequently. 

    i’ll be sharing some of my own thoughts on this topic very soon; but for now, this speaks truth. stop believing the lies you may be telling yourself. 

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