• autumn, 18 october // lebanon, ohio #vscocam

  • autumn, 18 october // lebanon, ohio #vscocam

  • autumn, 18 october // lebanon, ohio #vscocam

  • beauty, slightly out of key #vscocam

  • sweet, sweet sweater weather. oh how i love thee #vscocam #sweaterweather #longliveautumn

  • my favorite german model #vscocam #cincinnaticityflea #germanmodel

  • the best cross stitching piece i have ever seen #itsalwayssunny #dayman #vscocam #cincinnaticityflea

  • crosswalking to city flea #overtherhine #vscocam #cincinnatistreetart

  • i am terrified of birds. this is a fear that goes way back to childhood & birds are horrifying to me. but today, i touched a chicken & got to have a few of her eggs to cook up for breakfast this weekend. fear will not hold me back, even if it’s as silly as being afraid of birds.

    ps. i also got to hang out with that frickin’ sweet alpaca behind me. adventures with @yohhighness are the best adventures.

  • poor @yohhighness. at least we had our share of good times together. #vscocam #cincinnatistreetart

  • thankful for good coffee, the coffee community of cincinnati, & all the ways coffee continues to foster a beautiful community around the world #nationalcoffeeday #vscocam

  • "i have seen the slow corruption
    of the best ideas of Christ
    in the pulpits of our nation
    Gospel turned into white lies
    if you preach a subtle hatred -
    the bible as your alibi
    goddam you right here in Ohio”

    (Source: Spotify)

  • "the inhabitants of Cincinnati are proud of their city as one of the most interesting in America: & with good reason." — Charles Dickens #vscocam #cincinnati #thequeencity

  • dinner at arnold’s #vscocam #cincinnati #queencityeats

  • dinner with a beautiful friend in a beautiful pub as a reminder of beautiful memories from our shared experience in England @childerschristy #vscocam #wrongsideofthepond